Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Always on my mind.

Out of NO TIME I'm stealing time to update. School resumed and I kinda missed two weeks of work, so I'm trying to catch up. It sucks...badly.
I miss you all sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. It might have been easier to keep in touch if my darn computer hadn't picked the worst time to crash. It felt like someone really close to me died. Really bad.
Bdw, who has missed me sef???
Bunch of bad people, y'all.
I wish I could do my blog rounds...but I have to read SAS 1 - 30, I'm working on three to five every week, in between my novels and magazines and all... I like the course though, but the lecturer is M.A.D.D.D.D, plus he has a thing for me, if I ain't giving him some loving, I might as well work on getting me the strongest A ever.
Please remember to pray for me o!!!! I don't know how my job thing is going.
Adorable, I owe you big time o!!!!
I'll be in touch with blogville somehow...if my sis doesn't kill me this afternoon for wearing her slippers and jewelery to school...or if the Accounting Theory lecturer doesn't corner me and rape me to death

PS: about the picture, my friend Rex signed on with this new record label in SA, his group (of two) PINCODE has a new album coming out soon...the hit song Sharp-Sharp is to-die-for!!! Look out for the video! it's being shot in SA at the moment (I hear buttercup is adorning a thong in the video!!!!ohh la la J.K.). It's Bravo baby!!!! You heard it here first!!!!!