Monday, March 30, 2009

Stolen Kisses.

Why did you let your gaze rest upon me?
What was it you thought you would see?

Why did we open all the doors of possibility?
When we knew that our dreams were far from reality.

You teased me about turning the pages of your heart
And how I swore never to stop the art!

You cleaned the cobwebs on my lips
And oiled them with your kiss.

The kisses, oh the honest deepest kisses!
They felt like answers to lifelong wishes.

And so in our feelings I put my trust
Now it’s all turned into dust – gold dust.

Until the sunny-rainy day we met
I had never known unsatisfaction like this yet.

Because your heart is tied to another
And mine is left to wander.

It’s true there’s no beginning to an end
Only a beginning and an end.

We can try to live without the kisses and hope it will work
But the memories, so vivid, will haunt me – for all it’s worth.

Love struck me, suddenly, like lightening
And I want it to never stop raining.

Just this once I want it all
All the tender loving to make me fall.

It’s you I love – with love so divine
And I feel cursed that you are not mine.

Why did we open my heart with all the kisses?
I feel like I’ve been shattered into tiny little pieces.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Of stalkers, a new friend and an anniversary

I have put off talking about my new job for a while cuz there are a zillion and one blog followers everywhere in my office!!! Gawd! I always have to look over my shoulders just to post a simple comment...people will do everything to get you off your seat just to find out whodahell you are posting as.

Stalkers! Stalkers!! Stalkers!!! everywhere.

And there is a really serious one who gets on my nerves as hell, but she's my bestestestest colleague, and she blogs as well! Ronke, if you're reading this, I love you! and yes, I give up! This is me...I know it may take a while to find out who exactly you are, even though I suspect you might be Afrobabe, or Temite or even that crazzy LG cuz u really are crazy...and secretive!!!
Anyways, just so you know, I am weary from all the hiding, you've found me out! Phew! Satisfied???? I hate you!!!!
I just hope that when I bitch about work stuff, you won't be a meaner boss than you already

All bloggers unite against stalkers!!!!

Anyways, I can assure y'all that as soon as I find out who the hell she is, I'll be spilling like a broken typewriter, just watch this space!!!

MediaNemesis is one!!!! Let's pop champagne again! You know how we do the do!!!

In the usual Blogville style (taking a cue from Don Charzy and Buttercup, Vera and Co.), we ( yes, 'we', I started being a contibtor again today, go check team members)will be doing a question and answer post...bitching about all the posts that get zilch comments, our ups and downs to those who care to listen...bdw, I am at liberty to choose what questions to answer or not.he he ehe!