Thursday, March 5, 2009

Of stalkers, a new friend and an anniversary

I have put off talking about my new job for a while cuz there are a zillion and one blog followers everywhere in my office!!! Gawd! I always have to look over my shoulders just to post a simple comment...people will do everything to get you off your seat just to find out whodahell you are posting as.

Stalkers! Stalkers!! Stalkers!!! everywhere.

And there is a really serious one who gets on my nerves as hell, but she's my bestestestest colleague, and she blogs as well! Ronke, if you're reading this, I love you! and yes, I give up! This is me...I know it may take a while to find out who exactly you are, even though I suspect you might be Afrobabe, or Temite or even that crazzy LG cuz u really are crazy...and secretive!!!
Anyways, just so you know, I am weary from all the hiding, you've found me out! Phew! Satisfied???? I hate you!!!!
I just hope that when I bitch about work stuff, you won't be a meaner boss than you already

All bloggers unite against stalkers!!!!

Anyways, I can assure y'all that as soon as I find out who the hell she is, I'll be spilling like a broken typewriter, just watch this space!!!

MediaNemesis is one!!!! Let's pop champagne again! You know how we do the do!!!

In the usual Blogville style (taking a cue from Don Charzy and Buttercup, Vera and Co.), we ( yes, 'we', I started being a contibtor again today, go check team members)will be doing a question and answer post...bitching about all the posts that get zilch comments, our ups and downs to those who care to listen...bdw, I am at liberty to choose what questions to answer or not.he he ehe!


Buttercup said...


damn, i cant imagine how uncomfy u might be feeling now..ronke reveal urself o!!!!!

congrats on being one o..

Favoured Girl said...

Hmmm! First time here!

Stalkers, wow you have stalkers in your office? Now that's really scary.

poeticallytinted said...

i know what you mean. I keep looking over my shoulders at work. while doing blogrounds..

StandTall-The Activist said...

Are you sure anyone is stalking you? We have got to get them deleted like virus!

Naughty Eyes said...

Thanks babe!!!

sukkilala said...

please find out who she is? we have a placed a fifty thousand naira prize on whoever finds out her blog.I wish you good luck!

Anonymous said...


First time here... and just discovered you have a stalker.

I also found your question ; What's more important? Who I become??? ... or how I become it???

Very fascinating question. The answer to this question can tell a million things about a person. Honestly.

My take is 'how I become it' is the key. Who I become can change with time, in fact it does change as you are expected to keep on growing, but how you went about who you eventually become is past, and it either left a bitter taste or a sweet taste.

I willl definitely check back.

God bless

LG said...

see me c trouble o, iyanga dey sleep, tanbolo dey go wake am' which ones be ....even that crazzy LG cuz u really are crazy..' HABA!!!! woooomy how e be u???? :-)

@StandTall: dearie IS MY NAME RONKE??? :-)

Emeka Amakeze said...

What is it with bloggers and anonymity?