Saturday, March 22, 2008

still missing(...not yet presumed dead ! )

So here’s the thing…I’ve had a big problem deciding what my next post should be.
Somehow, I feel that by blogging, I’m betraying my 2-year old journal. If I tell you everything(CUZ I REALLY DO SHARE!!!), what else is left to share with her (or him???...still don’t know my journal’s sex)???
There’s so many stuff happening right now that I need answers to, when I silently ask why?? Will you give me the right answer…not the good answer or the bad answer or what you think I want to hear BUT the right answer…?
You kinda have to give me a good reason to betray my good old friend…you kinda have to give me answers.
I know that some things in life are clear and most others aren’t…just hazy…but in between these two, there are doors…will you be my door?

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laspapi said...

At one time, I moved from person to person, hoping they would have answers to my questions, whether formed or unformed. I never met any who could. Some echoed my questions (and that was uncanny)but no answers were given. Now, I think it's a world without absolutes and we must play the game as the cards are dealt.

Your shakespeare quote- I copied it from your profile. I'd known it for ages but it has much more meaning to me now at this point in my life.

Nice knowing you, fineboykillme :D