Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Include me out of it!

I am appealing to Exschoolnerd and that Charizard of a blogger to N.O.T cast me as a razz/fat bitch or something silly in their crazy and hilarious Charizard and Exschoolnerd Show! I am the Executive Producer, but the both of them are too ungrateful to admit it. I've learned my
If you guys can't cast me as a princess or a queen, just include me out of it!
I know I'm being dramatic, but those two don't like me, I know...they'll cast me as someone really really silly.

I love blogville.

I love everyone here.

Life here is great, fun, downright exciting. Nothing like my real life at the moment...sadly.

I think of how I woulda survived without y'all and I just can't imagine.

Anyways, for lack of better things to do, I visited my darling blogger friend's old blog at her Xanga page, and I'm loving her even more.

I found this Four Layers Survey and I just decided to do it for fun. So here goes:


Name: Woomie
Birth date: July 4th.
Birth place: Juneau, Alaska...kidding, Lagos, Nigeria.
Current Location: lagos-Nigeria.
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: brown
Righty or Lefty: Both, I can write, sweep, type, cook and do everything with both hands. But my right is my favourite.

Your heritage: African
What Shoes Did You Wear Today: my bathroom slippers, not going anywhere....and I hate shoes bdw.
Your weakness: I'll have to say fine guys.
Your fears: Premature death, rejection, embarrassment amongst other things.

Your most overused phrase: hen!
Your thoughts first waking up: What time is it? I need to wake Michael!
Your best physical feature: my eyes, my legs.
Your bedtime: varies...
Your most missed memory: my days in boarding school.

Pepsi or Coke: Coke.
Single or group dates: single dates
Adidas or Nike: erm, not a fan of any one.
Lipton Tea or Nestea: not a fan of either one.
Chocolate or vanilla: chocolate
Cappuccino or coffee: Cappuchino

Smoke: NO!
Cuss: yeah, everytime I'm broke, NEPA strikes, the kitchen is messed up Or someone touches my books.
Single: no.
Have a crush(es): Paddy Adenuga, Don Jazzy, T-Pain...and one blogger that I will fail to mention.
Do You Think you've been in love: yes, I've found IT.
Like(d) high school: Yeah, especially my three years in senior high.
Want to get married: Definitely maybe.
Believe in yourself: almost always.
Get motion sickness: yes...after a long while.
Think you're a health freak: Me ke? No o.
Get along with your parents: Not really, but I really adore my dad.
Like thunderstorms: like wetin??

Drank alcohol: no
Gone on a date: Yes.
Gone to the mall: Yes.
Been on stage: Yes.
Eaten Sushi: For where?
Been dumped: Nope.
Gone skating: Yeah.
gone skinny-dipping: how na?
Dyed your hair: Yeah.

Played a game that required removal of clothing: he he! noo.
Gotten beaten up: yeah, my sis is a bully.
Changed who you were to fit in:Not at all.

Age you hope to be married:I have no idea man, but really really soon.
Numbers of Children: 8 (I don't necessarily have to bear all 8 of them)
Describe your dream wedding: quiet, few guests (maybe 40 or less),definitely memorable
How do you want to die: haven't really thought about it yet.
What country would you most like to visit: Turks and Caicos Island...Musco, take note.

Best hair color?: black.
Short or long hair: depends on how he looks...
Height: I always thought t'was important but i found out I didn't long as he isn't a dwarf.

Number of people i can trust: trust with what? I can't really think of anyone.
Number of CD's I own: alot...but they're being gradually fapped.
Number of piercings: 2
Number of tattoos: none...plan to draw one pretty soon.
Number of times been on T.V.: 5
Number of times my name has appeared in the Newspaper: 2
Number of scars on my body: about 6, one major one on my belly.
Number of things in my past that I regret: so many...I think the most important one is playing the game of hide and seek as a little girl.

So that's it.
Anyone who's bored can partake in the survey, will be looking forward to some interesting answers.

By the way, Hannah Montana started school on Monday and she's sooo alive, as in really excited. She can't stop talking about it. Everybody in her class(Primary 4) speaks English so she told me (in youruba) that she's working hard on learning the language three times faster than normal so she can fit
By the way, the girl came home from school yesterday and told me her teacher asked them to bring cutlasses today to clear the bush in the school compound! For what??!!!. The girl that cannot even handle broom and sweep very well.
I told her to tell her teacher that she has no need for cutlasses, and that she shouldn't make me come and visit her in that
This is the orisirisi we will be seeing because we cannot afford to send her to Corona or Greenwood House.Shio.
I'm really pissed.

School is resuming soon!!! I already forgot that I'm still a student o! He he.

Be good and abound y'all.


Anonymous said...

madam u dey fear???


exschoolnerd said...

u called me a crazy bitch..remember!

Woomie O! said...

Una no try at all! NO fit to shout 1st and 2nd! *shio*
X'Nerd, I didn't say that o! you crossed it out by replying so we're even...and I didn't mean it like that.
What do you and ur husband have against me hen?

rayo said...

what nonsense, ibo lawon yen ti wa, dont they kno no1 here is my own?u gave them expo abi? chic wetin u dey do durin hide nd seek ehn?

NaijaBabe said...

Lol....bathroom slippers...been long I heard that

Mz. Dee said...

i'm officially first jo!! all of the above are excluded!!!!!

Mhmm...lmao @ ur answers! babe u can write with both hands!! shuo! See talent na!

i cant even paint my right hand with my left!

aloted said...

lol...woomie o, chari and exschoolnerd. make una take it easy o

who is Michael??

i can tell u r survey..might do it one day when am bored ;-)

wellsbaba said...

hahahaha...lmao!.."include me out" my bet u hav seen d show n I wouldn't lov a better cast for chari boy too,he doesn't know more than "touch your toe" also glad bout hannah but y u dey blame d girl sef?at her age n class u fit speak english?no b blogville improve ur english..mcheeeeeeeeeeeew...nonsense....pls giv her cutlass o,abi u don4get ur childhood sharp sharp?u don dey cut grass since pri2!

Buttercup said...

awww u can use both hands! thats uber cool..

u hate shoes??? U HATE SHOES???!!!

wow, u've been on tv 5 times..hmm..

eeya, poor hannah montana!

Standtall said...

Include me out of it. Which kain grammar be that? Lol

Why am I not on your blogroll? I vex!