Friday, December 12, 2008

Eko Dialogue.

I was at the last Writers Anonymous meeting and I had a swell time.
Met a couple of great people... A lot of interesting topics were discussed...there's no valuing what I learned in that single day.

There was a short book reading by Joy Isi Bewaji from her new book Eko Dialogue. I really like the book, it's what I'ld call a good investment. And it's a finishable kinda book, to all of you who are scared of epistles, go out and get a copy ASAP!!! Seriously.

Here's my simple review of the book:

'Unputdownable from start to finish! Short, rare and true. It is a believable book that depicts the typical Lagos life. The final chapter is almost the essence of the book, the missing piece that you didn't even notice was missing. As far and as captivating as short stories go, Joy Isi Bewaji had done it!'

By the way, Joy is a blogger! She is at isi's playground. Just in case you didn't know.
Eko Dialogue is a book you can offer your guests when you run out of food and drinks! You won't be accused of being a terrible host, trust me.

Go out and get a copy!
Call the number (+234) 0702 808 9176, for purchase and delivery information.
And if you have a copy, spread the word! There's need for people out there to know that some Nigerians can write good short novels, let's put an end to mediocrity!

PS:hey! I've been trying to upload photos from behind the scenes of the Sharp Sharp video, but it's taking forever. It will be posted soon, definitely before the video is

Off to do my blog rounds!


THIRTY + said...

Ok o but what of us wey dey obodo oyinbo.

doug said...

I guess word does get around pretty fast. Just read a post at Carlang's blog about the same book. I guess I'll get a copy.

Nice blog. First time here!

Buttercup said...

i'll look out for the sef, i wan go for this writers anonymous na..

"Eko Dialogue is a book you can offer your guests when you run out of food and drinks! You won't be accused of being a terrible host, trust me." LOL u r silly!

Standtall said...

This sure looks like a must read book. Thanks for sharing this info dearie

Naughty Eyes said...

Dare I say first? Nah! Glad you've updated... Made a few changes to MN so I need your views on them.
If my wishes come true, soon blogville will be celebrating another blogger's triumphs: mine!
As per the Sharp Sharp photos/video, guess I'll get to see them myself when we jam.
Take care!!!

Jinta said...

i've read it. good book

AlooFar said...

Everyone seems to be talking about this book!

Perhaps, I shouls wait to see how much of a terrible host you are ;)

esquire said...

Ok, how much does it cost and where can i get one?

NoLimit said...

Hi Woomie O,
You got tagged by moi!!!
Please check my blog for more details...

Isi said...

awwww, my sweet baby! u make me cry! wit friends like u, i can do just abt anything!

princesa said...

Oya confess, how much is your percentage from the book Woomie?:)

Dont mind me,I'll call isi for mine asap!

LG said...

hellooooooooooo' anybodi home????
i ve got sum hampers 4 u)
*merry christmas dear