Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Plenty ishes...

Happy New Year blogville!!!!
I can't believe I haven't been here this year, it feels like I've been away since forever.
So, first things first, but not necessarily in that order, I have got a new job!!!! (eh o! I'm trying to sound important, saying 'new' like I had an old one before lol.) God is merciful, he brought me blogville and it feels as though blogville is solving all my problems...making me smile all the way. I published my unemployment status here on my blog and a stranger helped me, a stranger because even though we talk and gist and leave comments on eachother's blog, we hadn't met in person. God bless my helper, whoever you are, you know yourself.
The job is all I dreamed it would be, even though it's a 6-month internship program, for me, there's no better way to start.
I'm going to dedicate a whole post to issues and happenings on the job.lol.

I was at Poetry Potter a while back, an overhyped event ...boring ish. But t'was swell for me cuz I got to meet with my virtual friend Naughty Eyes. We didn't have time to gist for long, NE if you're reading this, you shouldn't have left town without doing everything in your itinery!!! And i'm hating you at the moment.

This is a really really ooold ish...that I should have shared since last decade...saoory, year. I broke off my engagement to Mr.-who-I-thought-was-right about three months ago. Life has been swell, so don't y'all go off with your 'ooohs!!!' and 'aaahs!!!' It felt like good riddance! except for the fact that he's back....I mean , wharrahell!!! why do guys like to do this??? cause confusion anyhow...as iffff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This one is a really long ish, I should dedicate a whole post, special titles and pictures to it.he he he.

ok! what else is new??? eeerm, I got tagged!...by MN
here are the rules:

a. Tell three things about yourself, two should be true and one a lie.

b. Commenters should guess which two are true and which one is a lie and tell why they think so.

c. Tag 6 people to do the same.

d. Post the answers in your next blog, but only after you have a good number of comments


1. i have three blogs, well visited by everyone of you reading now. but y'all have no idea. Talk about MPD. (lemme make it easy for you.no, I'm not Vera Ezimora)

2. in my fantasies, i like to involve both sexes, variety i call it. Maybe I'm heterosexual, maybe I'm not.lol

3. i haven't had sex in about a year...no i'm not a virgin.

i tag... i have no idea...
ok I tag
1. exschoolnerd

2. felameetsabba

3. vera

4. Isi

5. standtall

6. laspapi


AlooFar said...

#2 is so true. Don't ask how I know.

FineBoy Agbero said...

Welcome o! Agbaya!!!

wow, u havent had sex in a year?? and u had a boyfriend? wetin i dey miss?

hmm, both sexes ehn... was i ever included?

ok, dat first one na lie. 3 blogs ke? lailai!

so Poetry Potter was boring? dats too bad....

Isi said...

it has to be the first. i think!

in my opinion, the 2nd and 3rd is true. i do believe its 'normal' to 'like' both sexes sometimes; not that u r going to get all horny over ur own sex...but yea, u can actually like a girl.
i kissed a girl and i liked iiiiiit / taste of her... blah blah (dont know the words, but i always say 'cherry chopsticks' there. lmao!)

StandTall-The Activist said...

So are you getting back with Mr. (what is his name?)

StandTall-The Activist said...

Hmmm 3 is a lie i think. I know your second blog but not the 3rd. Happy new year me -lady. Thanks for tagging me.

aloted said...

congrats on ur job..

i think number 1 is the lie

does Vera have a 3rd blog..i only know of two

Jinta said...

careful about not having had sex in a year. you know what happens when people pierce their ears and dont use ear rings...

Buttercup said...

Congrats on ur 'new' job hon!

Haha and to think u invited me for the poetry potter thing..lol..

Hmm..i think no2 is the lie

exschoolnerd said...

no 3 is a lie.

rethots said...

You actually want to here that you don't maintain three blogs?