Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Congrats BG!!!!! Yoou made it!!! Hallalujah!

My bestest, nearest and dearest friend just graduated from college wit
h a 4.0!!!


I'm really proud of her...so i promised to share the great news in my own little world.

Ezi worked hard for this, I'm a witness.

I'm a witness of the great great great person she is.

I'm grateful to God for crossing our paths...and then marking the spot where they crossed with this wonderful friendship.

Ezi's the kinda daughter i'd love to raise (maybe much more smarter(lol) and more laid back about stuff than her)-very selfless and caring...and genuine.

I spent three years in high school with Ezi. Those were the three happiest years of my life so far. When t'was almost graduation time for us, she planned, gathered funds and threw me a surprise birthday party. She made sure everyone that mattered was present:friends, foes, and mere acquaintances from far and near. We had fun that day, she brought us all together again, one last time...one last time that really mattered. Hard as i try, I'll never be able to forget that day.
Its' still the happiest, most perfect day of my life.

When she's around, everything seems o.k. She's a good problem-solver...um, but sometimes she gives up and I'm there for her.

Now, she's so far away and most things are kinda dysfunctional. I miss her. She keeps in touch like crazy but i miss the fun that woulda been if she were here...or i was there...if we were just together.

Like most of the few friends I have, she's a devout Roman Catholic. I can tell she fears God.

If three of my six daughters (in future) turn out like her...and the remaining three turn out better (that'll mean they'll be as angelic as possible) then i'd be the happiest mother in the world (as long as the two boys don't become more than one handful each)

She wants to major in Psychology and everone's trying to discourage her (except me, I plan to study Paediatric Psychology as soon as I finish dealing with Accounting - My Father's Love)

I hope she makes the right choice (the only one that makes her happy). She's good at what she does so that shouldn't be a problem.

I'm glad about the way she has rubbed off on me (and I hope she can say the same about me). I have been unable to make a friend (girlfriend) as special and as perfect. ( I try hard with Keenat sha, LMAO, she's nice tooo, before she sees this LOL)

OK! enough of BG! before her heAd goes on and bursts.
(Anyways, i have refused to tell my my blog address so she's safe.)

Thank God for her...Just like me, she's cut out for great things. May our future be blindingly fluorescent...Amen.


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rethots said...

No wonder, someone rightly said:
"Make all the friends you can; Keep all the friends you make; and when you meet a stranger, give his hand a hearty shake; For of all the countless gifts which in time may come our way, ther'll be nothing as precious as the friends we make today.

Congrats to you friend. And may you all have an exceedingly great future....."blindly flourescent" too

Buttercup said...

awwwww u sound so sweet! congrats to ur friend, ur own time will come too, amen!