Saturday, May 10, 2008

For the love of money!

I've got less than twenty-two days to find a job (or quit lookin) for the next three months. You never know how hard it can get till you try.
I'm disappointed, I'm angry but more importantly, I'm broke.

Anyways, for lack of better things to do, i found myself reading my old journal from about six years ago and i found this interesting joke.

One sunday service in church, the Pastor decided to explain the spiritual benefits of giving - and generously so. When it came to time to collect the offering, as a catalyst to enriching the church's pockets, the pastor jokingly said to the men, "if your wife is beautiful, let your offering be much", one man stood up and said, " my wife is as beautiful as the lillies so i give 1 million naira" , another stood up and said, 'i offer 500,000 naira to the church bcuz my wife is very beautiful', it went on and on till one man stood up and said, 'i'll give 5 naira', the pastor, shocked, asked why, the man replied, 'if you see my wife, you will give me change'

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