Monday, May 26, 2008

No more Yahoozee jare!

I heard about this song by Harry Best from (who seems like my only blogger friend, lol!) Laspapi's blog.

I completely got hoooked on the real yahoozee song by Olu...nice beats, very danceable and all...but many people don't really understand what Olu is really trying to maintain here.

It took me a while to find out what the slang yahoozee means...BUT over and over Olu has maintained that the literal meaning of the term wasn't/isn't the message he was/is passing across with his music...well, good for him BUT's too late.

I remember when i really understood what 'yahoo/yahoozee meant'.

That night I was discussing with Rex about making good money with his Linkserve connection instead of facebook-ing and myspace-ing all the time. I'd actually meant 'yahoo-money'.

(my friend, DL had recently gotten a car gift from her cool boyfriend who she said was/is a yahoo-boy, car's mad fine. So i's trying to encourage one or two of my generous boyfriends to do this yahoo thing so I can stop Danfo-ing around lagos)

Anyways, Rex sat me down and askd, 'do you even know what 'yahoo' is sef? and i'm like,'not exactly, but i know it involves spending a lot of time online and making money after weeks or months depending on how smart you are. I also know that it is sometimes illegal'. So he gives me that is-this-woomie-for-real-look? that means he's pissed/disgusted/amused at once and he says, 'it is ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS illegal! that's why they call it yahoo dum-dum'

So he went ahead to explain the kinds of bussinesses that yahoo boys get involved in, like the fake bank and traveller's cheques, online dating and mating and the likes. I'm like, how come you know all these things? Have you tried it? Rex is a great guy, i was just trying to get on his nerves anyways so he says, 'I can't try stuff like that. It's illegal, sinful (Rex is a devout Roman Catholic) and far too risky etc. etc. and besides, i'm smart (rubbing it in), if I put all that brain-work into something really legal, we can enjoy the money without bothering about EFCC and ICPC trailing us.

I's really proud of him.

And then i began to see my friends who spent too much time online in a new light.

Sometimes I'd wonder how anyone of them jobless boys came about their sudden affluence and look at them with cynicism.

There's actually great excuses for these boys and why they do what they do (i always say 'sometimes, there's a reasonable reason people behave unreasonably).

Considering the surfiet Nigeria is suffering from and how wealth has suddenly begun to flow in from different can't blame a few ignorant yahoo-people who have refused to stand still in their poverty.
Most of them are however more greedy than hopeless but nobody made me the judge. As long as I can keep my head and help others who want to stay around me do the same then all is well.

The ing-thing is 'hammering' and buying cars but i will always insist that there are sooooooooooooooooo so many things that you can do besides scamming people. Afterall, (in Lord of Ajasa's words) Ali-baba ma make e, nse l'on se yeye. As long as you find out what you're legally cut of for, then you're good to go.

But what's my sotto-voce tiny piece of advice admist this yahoozee/hammer/hummer craze???

(BTW, why should the first thing i buy with my 'hammer-money' be a hummer??? dum dum.)

Nigerians, let's keep on making good music, but watch it with the lyrics!

Thank you jare Harry for 'no more yahoozee'.

Like the photo says, the decision is urs.

FIND OUT WHAT YOUR P IS! it's definitely not yahoozee.


Buttercup said...

lol...that was interestin...when i heard the song, i knew what yahoozee meant n ish, so i tried so hard to hate the i cudnt help but like it eventually....but yea, this whole yahoozee craze is sad..

Nogo said...

I'm not into Yahooze but that song is soo good! I just cant help myself. But I do agree artists need to be more careful with lyrics because I don't care what other think someone will be negatively impacted by them. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Yahoozee can be sumthing sane like party at weekend or can be related to easy money.
In Europe and in a high percentage a yahoozee boy is that guy taking advantage of internet scams, exploitation of women into prostitution and spend money in material things to make envious other ignorant people.
A real shame!!!
Just Olu Maintain is graced with his music he doesn't need yahoozee to survive, he is yahoozee himself, dats difference.

Aaron said...

I'm kinda of late with the whole yahoozee thing but I can't help it I love the song I did not understand all of it but i got the jist of it *spending money like crazy and all that good stuff* (I'm from Trinidad) but hey It's just a song and a really good one at that so there is no need to read into it more than one should