Saturday, June 28, 2008


It's Saturday evening.
I have just had a really stressful day. Hmmph!
My 11i classes have officailly started today and I goofed while creating a user so I got waaaay behind in class. Really annoying, nd then I forgot the praticals textbook that made me look stupid (funny how I had March's edition of ELLE magazine, Ben Okri's Songs of Enchantment etc. in my bag instead)...I had to stay behind after class for twenty minutes to finish up. Easy Peasy.
Truth is- for those familiar with Oracle DBA- it's much more easier when you have the book on your lap to guide you...try closing the books and doing all the practicals on your own, the english language disappears. Really.

The classes aside. I think I'm starting to suffer depression.
Has pain become such a huge part of your life that you expect it to always be there, because you can't remember a time when it wasn't?
Blogging is doing me a great deal of good. I never talk about my problms but at least, in blogville, I get to acknowledge that I have them.
I'd be glad to turn a fresh page, to begin writing my destiny all over again, from scratch...if wishes were horses...
All I have is my life, as it is. There's no going back i guess. But every new day is a new chance...
a fresh start...
I'm still too stupid to find out which way to turn...
Left ...or right...?
Or just go back?

Oh! hell.

I came across Esquire's poems and I asked to borrow one...
I like this one alot.


Off that radio jare
Off am
Na so so lie lie he go dey talk
Off that radio jare
Off am

If President Yar'Adua go Russia
He go talk am
If Commissioner’s wife go Conference
He go talk am
If Russian submarine sank into barren sea
He go talk am
If Wole Soyinka come back from West Indies
He go talk am

Mama Sikira son go Sri-Lanka
He no talk am
Mr. Francis go farmer fertilizers’ bank
He no talk am
Papa painter wife born new pinkin
He no talk am
I go Agege Yesterday
He no talk am

Off that radio jare
Off am

As published by The Guardian Newspapers and MakeImpact magazine


Jinta said...

a problem identified is a problem half-solved, as they say. try not to be depressed and put things in perspective

Standtall said...

Depression comes and goes. We see things that get us into this mood at one time or the other. I like your resolution though " but every new day is a new chance, a frsh start...". Just don't worry about which way to turn since you are hopeful for a new day!!!

This "off that Radio jare" is something else o. Yes, e no go to about why i no get good job do. Off am jare. LOL.........

dScR?Be said...

love d piece.. wow.. i shud write sth in pidgin too... nice stuvings

Naughty Eyes said...

Yeah, yeah, everyone's going to say "dump the depression, it will be ok, bla bla bla..." and I agree with them. Oddly enough I love depression some times because I've conditioned myself to see that after going down, the only way to go is UP!
I like Esquire. He's very DEEP. I'll be keeping my eyes on him. And thanks for adding me to your blogroll...