Thursday, July 3, 2008

So, I spent about one hour on Facebook today...Eh! come and arrest me. Lol!

Anyways, a 'friend' (that's what we call them...F/bk has crazy ideas of what friends should No.1 grudge) wrote this on my wall...and I liked it.

♥If one day u feel like crying♥
♥Call me♥
♥I dont promise that i will make u laugh♥
♥But i can cry with u♥
♥If one day u want to run away♥
♥Dont be afraid to call me♥
♥I dont promise to ask u to stop♥
♥But i can run with u♥
♥If one day u dont want to listen to anyone♥
♥Call me♥
♥I promise to be there for u but also promise to remain quiet♥
♥But one day if u call♥
♥And there is no anwser♥
♥Come fast to see me♥
♥Perhaps i need you♥

( doesn't end there o. It goes on to say some superstitious stuff like 'send this msg to 10 people under one hour and you loved one will visit you, if not, bad-luck-will-follow-you-for-the-rest-of-your-life, wtf???
I get messages like this on my wall and i never forward em with the curse, for what???
why do people ruin nice msgs with that crap???)

Oh well! There you have it ... go find someone like this person in the message to be part of your life, or better still, be this person in the message. Understand that there's always a reasonable reason people behave unreasonably.'s what makes the world go round...really.
It's not love - that's overrated, and it's not money either -that's underestimated actually.
But understanding, I think that's why Africa and Nigeria in particular is finding it hard to take a step from this stand still; WAAAY TOO MANY TRIBES, too many languages, we don't understand each other. Hummph!

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