Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A naira ain't worth a kobo anymore.

I feel great...and I kiss even better.
-Emo Phillips.

I haven't had the best of weeks...but I got kissed like three times (still wondering what came over me o!)...that's a big deal, if you've been a good kisser and then gone on leave for like 18 months.
I kiss and tell, so what??? lol!
I've been fooling around with this crazy old friend of mine...he thinks it's the other way around but doesn't matter who's fooling who, as long as there's a fooling somewhere between us then it's just great.
Spare me the sermon, I haven't had a good kiss since eternity...

it doesn't count as cheating, does it???

Now, to my title. I spent close to 2,000 naira flying okadas around Lagos looking for a Fax machine...and it was raining elephants and lions ( the way, what does it take to own and connect a fax machine???...) I was tired and dirty after the whole gross ordeal. Someone even directed me to the Post Offices, it was when I got to the second post office that I knew that the silly jerk didn't even know what a fax is.
After going from one end to the other, clothes wet with rain, feet covered in mud, i gave up hope and took the last bike home, guess what? I found one bill board near my bus stop that went somewhat like this.






Internet Calls.

Fax Services.

I almost fell off the bike. Hell's on earth! You sure pay for your sins here...all that kissing and fooling around, I paid for it. Never cheat on your boo...-with the littlest kiss...-especially if you haven't made it clear to Party 2 that you're just fooling around. Lol! me and my superstitions. Anyways, I got to the shop, did my do which took like 10 minutes and another 1,000 naira and went home.

BTW, did I mention that since I was at Mushin during the Ultimate Search, I'd chosen to do some 'grocery' (I always like to use that word, dunno y) shopping and give my people a fried rice cost me a arm and a leg, the way things are these days eh! I almost changed my mind and prepared Fried-Garri (will give y'all the recipie for that one later)but a new bag-of-rice-suprise from my dad helped.

I was jejely cooking this wonderful meal, not minding how tired I was from the day's punishment when my mother came home and threw a tantrum about how live chicken is better than the frozen one that I bought...I was so mad, I had the right to remain silent so I should have shut up, but I didn't, we had this heated argument that resulted into a ...whatever it was. I'm not speaking to her sha...maybe it will take a week (if she doesn't jejely stretch the olive branch towards me)...although, I know she took this fight thing seriously because she boycotted my fried rice (ME! My own fried rice!!! My Own Fried Rice that happens like one a month and doesn't turn out as well as it did yesterday once in a while) and ate Sardines with that dry coconut bread from KJ, I felt really sorry for her. I'm still angry with her sha. I read my horoscope for today and found this:

July 30, 2008 - Do not underestimate the feelings of sickness that are due to overwork or cardio-vasculary disorders. Don't harbor ill feelings toward certain members of your family who could have hurt you recently. Beware of your brimming imagination and your exacerbated sensibility which might impede your objectiveness. You may not be able to finish the work that was demanded from you: try to justify yourself, don't feel or appear guilty. If money befalls you, don't spend it now: it'd be much better to invest it somewhereHow do these people know these things???

1.I want to talk to her...but I'm not goina beg her sha o.

2.I feel sick today because I HAVE been overworking myself lately (But the AB King Pro has nothing to do with it).

3.Me and this my imagination!

4.Nobody asked any work of me so I don't think I need to finish anything...except of course!!! My tellers!!! Gawd!

5.Money did befall me today! Courtesy of my cousin Mr. Grubs Suya, it wasn't much, but I've invested it somewhere in my wallet anyways! lol!

I've been spending too much time on the internet.EVIDENCE: I was on the phone this morning with my sister-friend and we were cracking jokes but instead of laughing originally, we were both screaming LOL! LOL! LOL! so I was like, 'can't we laugh the real laugh? LOL' my case is pathetic.

PS: where do you go to get anorexia???


aloted said...

lol...gosh the live of a teenager..crazy emotions flying up and down...i think adulthood is more stable..i think...

abeg take it easy o...

do u have a boyfriend..if so i'll pls advice u to refrain from any form of will come back to bite u...what you sow u shall reap.

take care girl!

Woomie O! said...

AloteD, i AM an adult...i'm just a bored one...ain't nothing stable about adulthood, you should know. Kissing is cheating??? I had no idea, lol! so I've been bad, will change.
I have a fiance...luckily, he knows nothing about this space. Phew!

Woomie O! said...

AloteD, i AM an adult...i'm just a bored one...ain't nothing stable about adulthood, you should know. Kissing is cheating??? I had no idea, lol! so I've been bad, will change.
I have a fiance...luckily, he knows nothing about this space. Phew!

aloted said...

lol..ok o i said teenager cuz ur profile said "Nigerian...Teen...Student" so pls update the Teen part if u are now an

u have a fiance abi...keep him o...if he is a good man of cuz..good men are hard to find :)

take care girl

NaijaBabe said...

This is just too funny

I hope you have spoken to you mom o!

PS...whilst posting my comment and scrolling down to enter the word verification.

This is what I find...'fokdof'

Woomie O! said...

@ Aloted: i sometimes conveniently forget that i'm still in my teens...i just think it's a big lie.

@ Naijababe: Lol!!! FOKDOF...sounds dutch-ey, lol! this site does some weird stuff.
Yeah, she apologised...sorta...we're talking now, her life was kinda miserable without me.

Lady Koko said...

hahahhah....i lurrrrrrrrrve ya!!!!!!!!!! NAAA SERIOUSLY..U CRACVK ME UP FOR REAL MEHNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U AND UR FREIND WERE SCREAMING "LOL" DOWN THE FONE..BUHAHAHAHHAHAHAAH!!!!!!!!!!!! OH GOSH THATS A CLASSIC!!!!!!!!!! OH DAMNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!1 AM IN HYSTERICS MEHNN........for wotever strange reason...i see a bit of me in you......

Lady Koko said...

oh btw.....u go to boarding the far away north get anorexic....TRUST ME...IT ALWAYS WORKS...u owe me sha!

Woomie O! said...

@ladykoko: thanks for the piece of info...i did go to Boarding school...and i managed to graduate with about 6/7 more extra inches to my waist...t'was no where in the north!!!
But I can't go to boarding school anymore...any more ideas???? asap!!

Naughty Eyes said...

OK, about the LOL part, u guys are CRAZY!!
And glad you're talkin with your mom, now

esquire said...

This your fiance issue... i still dont get it. Were you betrothed to him or something? Or how could a 19-year old girl have fiance? Is that love or what? Somebody should please help me out here.

Woomie O! said...

@NaughtyEyes: I know man...but there's nothing better than two crazy people! lol!

@Esquire: I wasn't betrothed, LMAO. I 'll help you out already, it's love...real, undying...the sure thing. I'm the luckiest person in the world, I've found my dream when others are still trying to phantom the meaning of the word.
How are you?

Anonymous said...

i love your blog!!!Seriously where do u go to get anorexia!!abeg let me know when u do find out

Woomie O! said...

@ Anonymous: I will...still searching o!