Monday, July 7, 2008

Phew! it's finally over.

So, I'm officially 19 years old...feels like a huge weight's been lifted off my shoulders. I don't know if it's just me but I feel like everyone expects too much from 18 year olds.
So 4th of July was a wonderful wonderful day. I felt the love from the four corners of the earth.
Thank you God for your mercies. So, I was a big mistake in the begining, but look how I've blossomed and flourished!

I conveniently forgot to take pictures of my birthday cakes in the frenzy, but believe me y'all, cakes have never been so beautiful.
I have like one million people to thank but I'll try with the few I can remember for now.
Thank you God, nothing I can give you will be commensurate to the love you've shown me.
Thank you mum, thank you dad, for how can I be without you two???

To my sis, Lala, life'ld be impossible without you, thank you for the delicious dishes, here's the only place I can agree that you make better Fried rice than me. I love you.

To my one and only brother Gaby, I's more than flattered that you remembered, it's the best gift I received this year.

Jack Omezi, La Familia, I guess you're the most important of the three afterall.

Ezi Nwankwo, I love you so much girl. W'are five hours ahead this time of the year, lol...but t'was mighty thoughtful of you.
Angel and Koko Nwankwo, Harriet Abihkui, Emmanuella Ejimamu, Ibilate and Tamuno Awatt, Jenny Okafor, Mosunmade Solanke, e.t.c thank you girls.

Tundun Salami, I liked your idea of being the last to wish me a happy birthday, I can never forget you.
Toyin Hunter, your cake was wonderful, how can I tell you that I don't know your birthday???
Rabila and Baba, I can't imagine celebrating my birthday without you there to sample the meals.
Ugo pumping, very thoughtful of you, still, I can't date you.
Keenat, your piece of the cake's intact, come get it when you're around this part of the world.
Jenjelow, words can't express how much I apprecaite you, you still are the best cousin in the my world.

Many thanks go to Victor Ganzllo, Atilola Adeyemi, Soba and Sotonye Jonah for your prayers.

I almost forgot to mention that my darling baby and I share birthdays, she's the most adorable thing that's ever lived. She's officially five years old!!!! I hope I can post pictures soon.

To all the people I accidentally left out, thank you tons, I didn't forget you because you're not important, of course you all are, there's been a permanent smile on my lips since Friday.

I love y'all back.


esquire said...

Happy b'day, Woomie or is it fyneboikillimi? Where you get that name from sef? You are older than me... by months. I am counting down to the day i will also be nineteen. I will send my own gift to your email box.

Naughty Eyes said...

Hi Woomie! Guess I'm one of the unnamed but... Happy birthday! Glad you enjoyed it. I ain't the gift-giving type but... maybe next year?

Charizard said...

LAWL...mehn babe u harsh ooo...ahnahn! sad for ugo pumpin! eeeyaaa