Monday, August 18, 2008

I’m a lone traveler on a bleak landscape
---Wole Oguntokun.

So, I’ve been busy with this and that, here and there. Sweetness wants me to come visit soon so I’m applying for a visa this week…y’all should pray for me o.
I’ve had a real stressful week…and to crown it all up, I’ve been getting strange annoying phone calls and text messages from some stupid geeks.
It started with this one phone call
Me: yeah?
Focker: hello? Hello?? I’m waiting for you.
Me: who’s this?
Focker: A.Y. I’m at the café I’m waiting for you, bring it, bring it now.
Me: what café?? You have the wro….
Stupid Focker.
Phone rings again. This time, I succeed in telling him he has the wrong number and he apologises. Okay.

A few minutes later I get this text from the same number:

hello,i'm vry sorry,

it was a mistake,

pls am i 4givn?

i'm Ayo, may o be a friend

& ur name pls?

hunn! oshi. I know this thing o! i completely ignore this guy. Then different numbers start flashing my lines. They flashed so hard, i had to switch off my phones for a while. I don't make it a duty to call anonymous flashers...this thingy went on for two days non-stop, I guess I'm on a break now, but if the flashers start again, I'll publish the numbers and all of you guys can help me give them a taste of their own medicine, please.

Yesterday was a good day, I hooked up with my bestest friend Keenat and we had a swell time. First we went to Terra Kulture for Laspapi's Things Fall Apart. If you live in Lagos or are in Lagos, and you haven't seen it this month, don't miss it please, it's wonderful.
By the way, me and Keenat couldn't keep our mouths shut and there was this lady sitting in front with her boo and she kept staring back at us like we were frigging lesbos or something, we found it really really hilarious and we didn't stop whispering and giggling and holding hands, the girl almost peed in her pants. After the show, I joked about going to ask for her number and inviting her to our secret wedding in December but Keenat decided against it...but we did have time to watch the show and it was wonderful...okay, i already said that...Laspapi hasn't paid me a
Then we went to the beach (which isn't really a beach anymore sef) and just chilled looks really nice now, thanks to Lagos state govt. and Oceanic Bank.

I didn't ride no horses...that's Keenat in the pic doing her thing.
We left a while later to go get some decent food... you don't really get that on the Island on sundays.

Well now, it's back to my normal life...

and the flashers have started again...


aloted said...

first again??? yippee.. behaving like

abeg post the numbers make we deal with the flashers

badderchic said...

first time here, plus Im second! yipeeee!

erm, when is the next thingyy at terra, heard about it at bogobiri, is it really all that?

badderchic said...

first time here, plus Im second! yipeeee!

erm, when is the next thingyy at terra, heard about it at bogobiri, is it really all that?

Woomie O! said...

@ Alotted: u're very kind...but they've stopped again. I'm happy i can depend on you meen!

@ badderchic: welcome!!!! it IS all that. Please just go, you'll love it if you're an exciting person OR NOT.

Sienne said...


i missed that show at terra o

i was locked down smwhere,

next time eh

As for those Flashers, there is a particular guy i saved his numbr as BlackBox, i no know wetin next go comot from hin mouth!