Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Knowledge is power if you know it about the right person.

My very very old friend is coming over today.

Things get kinda awkward for me on these sorta visits.

We haven't seen in four years, things have changed in the past four years...I have changed in the past four years.

Sandy and I used to be like 5 and 6 in our school days...she's a very lively person, I hope upon hope that we'll have a lot to talk about...I hope upon hope that she hasn't changed o!

I have a strong phobia for uncomfortable silence.

And my house is in a mess...I should be cleaning up instead of putting up this post.

ALERT! there's a dead rat under my staircase, I even think it's something bigger than a rat...maybe it's a cat or a cow, the stench is unbearable...and unwelcoming...oh! Sandy!!!

I hope my neighbours find it in their hearts to take it out from under's embarrassing.

And my friend Jack is back in Naija...this one I haven't seen in forever...please don't come visiting today o Jack!!!!

One negative first impression about my hygiene is enough for one day...what am i saying??? it's enough for one lifetime.

Will tell y'all how it goes...pray for me.


AlooFar said...

It sure will go well.

... and get that elephant away from there?

rayo said...

o.k, so u havnt upd8d for so long, i come hir and dir r 2 posts, ki lo de? pele abt the rat oh, u can eida wait it out (wait 4 it 2 totally decomp) or u pray hard abt d nebos, but to carry... eeessshhh

aloted said...

aww just seeing about Jack now...ehn so is he only an old friend;) u seem pretty excited ;)

And i hope all is well with u (as per praying in ur later post).

The Lord's favor is with u girl!