Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Na wa o!

What if I tell you i was expecting the wrong person at my house this morning???!!!
And I didn't know until she appeared o!
I met my old friends Sandra C and Sandra O on that cursed Facebook of a site last month...I searched for them for the fun of it and Baaam! there they were in black,white and different colors. So I went through the normal Add as a Friend routine and we got talking.
Me being the clumsy person that I am, saved Sandra O's number as Sandra C's and we've spoken like four or five times over the phone, all the while I thought I'd been speaking to Sandra C... the first time she called I was like, 'Sandra! you sound sooo different! your voice is now husky-ish' and she just laughed.

So, me with my mumurity was awaiting the Return of Sandra C live in my estate today.

Kon kon koin!!!
knock on my door...
It's Sandra O!!!
and her cousin!!!
who is incidentally schooling @ NIIT where I go too!

First thing I said was , 'I wasn't expecting you!' and she was so shocked, her cousin was like 'Oh o!'...but I covered it up with a good laugh and we had fun!

SECRET: i'm really glad t'was Sandra O that appeared @ my door this morning and not Sandra C...I like Sandra O more...if I knew earlier what Sandra I was really expecting, I wouldn't have been sooo nervous! Sandra O is really coool!

I got a call this evening from my darling friend Laiman asking me to ,'come downstairs, come downstairs!!' This guy is not supposed to be ANYWHERE around o! Boy! was I glad to see him! Nobody understands me like Laiman, the same goes for him and I hate it when he suprises me with his visits but t'wasn't really a suprise...Jack is coming home tonight!!!!
Apparently, he's not here yet....Laiman n co are picking him up @ 8!!!

By the way!!!Bloggers, I need your prayers...and fast if you can...
May I find favour in the sight of God and In the sight of men as well.

Someone too the rat out this morning before Sandra came!!!!!
Bless his or her soul.
Not that Sandra O would have minded sha!


aloted said...

LOL..this is just to funny...

something similar has happened to me before...

Glad to hear u had fun with Sandra O.

Pls o who is obviousily lost or slow ;)

Standtall said...

Ah this na wa o. Thank God you r not the gossip type. What if u try gossiping with Sandra O abt Sandra C and you dont know u r talking to the owner of the gossip gan-gan. Not funny

lulu said...

thanks for dropping at on the sandras!

Woomie O! said...

@ Aloted: lol! Jack is just-a-friend...who has probably come home to get married (not to me). we're cool, that's all. You're not lost swit!

@ Buttercup:I gossip o! not sooo casually. but i always survey very very well before I drop any new gist. Thank God.

@ Lulu: pleasure's all mine.

OluwaDee said...

may you find favour in the sight of God and men. Amen.

You mixed up 2 Sandra's.
I once mixed up my friends boyfriends number, with an employers number. I was sooooooo embarrassed when i found out I had not been speaking to the boyfriend.

Standtall said...

ah ah Woomie O. Standtall said something and u r reply Buttercup. U see Butter for this gist? Na wa 4 u!!!

Another Sandra O and C case.

Mz. Dee said...

lmao.. first time here!! LUV U LUV U LUV!!!!!

thank god u mixed ur friendz up o!

Woomie O! said...

@ Oluwadee: Amen! Amen!
I know how it is!
you really rock.

@ Standtall: e pele o my sista! Me and Buttercup are working in some kind of spirit. E ma binu o jare. I'm growing older i guess. lol!

@ Mz Dee: Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! Luv u three!!!

Standtall said...

No wahala my systa

Buttercup said...

hahahahaha! wow...good the mix up turned out ok