Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Extreme Privacy.

There's this dil with our private hospitals (trying not to generalize here)...they simply refuse to say what's up with you. i dunno...i'm just so fed up.
don't patients have the right to know EXACTLY what's wrong with them???...causes and preventions...why can't these GP's be friends and confidants too(not asking for too much)???
is it like a general thingy or what? they just treat you and get it over with...hhmmmnnn o ga o.
my voice ain't loud at all.
but how do you make them know your health is your business and not justa task they've got to start and finish. it's hard to have your heart in your mouth the whole time...really.
To think that we pay more only for them to keep our problems secret.
if i furnish consideration then i sure as hell must be briefed(fully)...i'm giving that doc a piece of my mind tomorrow o jare.

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