Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I’m loving this song with 9ice and Tuface. I like 9ice a lot…I don’t really understand what’s going on in the song but 9ice makes out all the lyrics pretty well. There’s no reason 9ice should have turned out as well as he has (and quickly too).
Being a ghetto-child myself, I sometimes sit with my friends and dream dreams. First there’s OB, who has come to be my favorite pal-in-the-projects and then, there’s Rex. Rex is more reserved, he doesn’t kiss and tell, and he sings -very well. I’m the only Yoruba in our triangle and most times I take the fall for my race and let them win tribal arguments. They’re my only ‘accessible’ friends and sometimes I try to close my eyes and imagine what life’ll be without them but I don’t see anything. I love these guys. They tease me a lot and make me watch too much TV to keep up with them and the lives they left behind in the US but I love them all the same.
All three of us were born in different ghettos. OB’s from the main one in Ajegunle (I give him so much credit for that part) that he’s completely proud of; Rex is from one in the East while I’m from a more subtle one in central Lagos. Somehow, we’ve landed here… on this Island (like the cast in the TV soap “Lost”) amongst the ‘others’. We have no leader however. Together, we’re a force.
We’re not afraid to dream, and while we’re at it, we make sure they’re big. Almost unimaginable. If anything good comes out of this ghetto, let it be us, all three of us. Life is good. Life is fun. Life is hard.
Life comes at us out of the darkness and at times we know we can struggle to find the courage to face it.
Nobody will come over here to look for the next UN secretary general but OB says ‘they don’t know where to look, Woomie is right here’. I always say, ‘I’ll find them don’t worry’.
Or nobody knows that the first Nigerian Grammy award winner is right in our ghetto. But then, Rex will find a way to reach out to them. I know and OB knows too.
But, what OB doesn’t know is, I stumbled upon a script he wrote. He writes scripts for everyday of his life and he acts it out well. He’s talented but he still doesn’t know. He wants to be Tommy Mattola. There are better dreams. But I believe in his dream.
We’re better people because we have each other. And even when we leave, we’ll never stop appreciating the fact that we made our lives matter. I know what they’ve done to mine. i guess they can say the same about me too.

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