Wednesday, April 2, 2008

hooray!!! i'm the April fool everybody i know somehow suceeded in making a fool of me yesterday. The most annoying thing is, i ran out of ideas and so i couldn't trick anyone, not even my four year old niece.
It started first thing in the morning with my mum and went with me thru the day.
A coursemate even made me buy two different newspapers!!! ( EVERYONE knows i never BUY newspaper(s!)I ALWAYS read them all for free, who buys papers when the mag stands are still full???)...that was the one that reeeaaaallly got me.
And, by the way, i thought the whole April fools thingy expired at 12 noon??? almost everybody abused it just to take advantage of moi.
Last night, i swore on scouts honor(LIKE I'M EVEN IN THE GIRLS' GUIDE OR SUMFIN) that it'll be different next year...and i'm going to pay every single person back before the week runs out, why wait till next year??

Anyways, HAPPY NEW MONTH!!! Great things usually happen in April, i know. So have fun and be good y'all.

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