Monday, April 21, 2008

This thing called 'German Objectives'

So i got a call from my coursemate over the weekend that this semester's exam time-table's out. i'm like, 'for real?'...'is it signed???' omg. i do not even know what some of the courses are this semester ( oh well! not really) but we CAN'T start exams next week!!! i'm not prepared o ra ra.
Then this morning, this ibo/indain Mgt Acct lecturer walks into the class and he's like, 'heen heen, listen to the nature of your questions(and the whole class falls silent at this sign of 'expo')...all your FMS courses are objs and German Objectives(fill in the gaps)' omg!!! this can't be happening to me o. Obj's r fine, but fill in the gaps??? not for me!!!
how am i supposed to finish a sentence you started on your own? why don't you just be good and let me start mine???
let me go and prepare for this damn thingy...i'm learn how to be a profiler and get into the friggn minds of these examiners.
be right back.

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