Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mr. Biggs’ rice???...not any time soon.

Thunder doesn’t strike twice right??? Hmmnn, it already struck thrice at Mr.Bigg’s.
Something’s up with their cooking these days…the rice is simply uneatable (do forgive me if you think differently)

I’m not really a fan of eating out but I’ve always liked Mr. Biggs’ …not the snacks…just the rice – fried or jollof or whatever they call it sometimes – but I’ve been really disappointed after three recent ordeals with their rice.

First it was at the Maryland branch they served this multi-colored, double-tasting, triple-specie fried rice…I had a lunch date with my bestest friend Keenat and I had decided to buy her lunch that day cuz she almost always has a treat for me, I started with mine first and I tried not to show that it was disgusting, I thought it was just me and I wanted her to just eat her lunch, gist and ignore the appalling fried rice but after she saw and tasted it, she decided she was having absolutely none of it, not even the chicken…I was relieved cuz I didn’t have to stomach it too. We didn’t complain (our ‘unempty’ plates said it all), I for one, do not like long things so I decided to let this one go…with the outstanding goodwill Mr. Biggs’ has.

Three days ago, my sis was admitted to the hospital (story for another post) and I had to sleep over. I’s so famished, I ordered Mr. Biggs’ rice as I had forgiven them for the Maryland drama. This time around, t’was their Warehouse Rd. branch in Apapa…a photocopy of the Maryland product. I was really upset at this stupid takeout but then, what was I to do eh? Go back myself and shout in return for my 500naira or what??? Again, I couldn’t, I completely hate long things.

Then this afternoon, I decided I’ve had it up to here with them…this rice in front of me is no rice at all, worse than that of the Maryland and Apapa branches put together, this one I got at Ago-Okota on my way from school. I can’t describe it; it’ll be a long story.

Exams are coming up and I have got no time to cook, but now I know I must find time, I love my cooking. Is Mr. Biggs’ the only restaurant you ask? It’s the only one I fancy, and wherever I am, there’s Mr. Biggs’…unlike Keenat, I do not really like to ‘discover restaurants’, it’s a rather expensive thingy and me being the jobless student I am, should start to cut my cloth…

Thank you o Mr. Biggs’ for making me hate takeouts (for now)…I will now limit myself to TFC’s yamarita or Barcelós’expensive chicken and chips when I need to give myself a treat.

Please, Mr. Biggs’ do not let the ever-increasing price of rice affect you, do not compromise…all you need do is leave your cost accountant to do his/her job and if you’re lacking one, employ me to help you out…I really really like Mr. Biggs’, you’ve always been there for us little kids from waaay back when we always wanted treats, don’t do this, p-l-e-a-s-e.


esquire said...

I've been going through your blog, and i ain't gotta lie - you've got some really cool stuff going on here. i had a swell time reading your write ups and just thought i should brake the jinx.

laspapi said...

if you're paying peanuts, you'll be served monkey food. Mr. Biggs?

Ok, to be truthful I love their meatpies.

pele, student. Where were you on Sunday?