Tuesday, April 22, 2008

In my olfactory opinion...

...you should get treatment or something.
i still don't understand how some people who have halitosis DO NOT KNOW THAT THEY HAVE THE DISEASE. And then they go on and rub this their stupid ignorance in people's faces.
it's more annoying than disgusting...really.
I have this 'friend' that at i one time felt sorry for cuz he had this 'habit' of brushing his teeth 'irregularly' or so i think.
i knew when and how this thing started with his mouth o but then i thought his girlfriend would have been kind enough to point this thing out to him (thru her words, actions or inactions) but it has gotten worse...and i'm annoyed cuz i think he DOESN'T KNOW...DRUMMROLL...or how can i explain his talking straight to my nose and killing me slowly but surely...PLEASE...doesn't he notice how people avoid proximity to his buccal cavity (going Okotieish here...excuse me)
Who will save this my 'friend' from himself first, and then from this disgraceful mouth odor???
Definitely not me!!! He has a girlfriend (Oh! that maybe suffers the disease...now that's one sick-smelly-lonely couple...french-kissing, eeewwww!)...a mother and many 'close friends'...i hate long things.
Tomorrow, i'll buy him the best oral-b toothbrush i can lay my hands on...and drop my dentist's card anonymously...if he doesn't get the drift after that...then 'long live halitosis in my friend' and may it enjoy its reign throughout...(am i being hard on him??? he he)
But then, why shouldn't an adult know what is going on IN and around him?
Talk about self-esteem.
One sad story.

I still can't believe i have less than a week till exams
I'm so loving this blogger...FACEBOOK doesn't give me time to read o! i'm outgrown that crazy addiction...Thank Goodness.

Keep you posted.

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laspapi said...

If you have bad breath, you're always the last person to know. I knew someone who made me cringe for 2 years. I finally summoned the courage to tell.