Monday, April 7, 2008

i loooove my baby

I remember when my little niece was born five years ago…it was my birthday and I couldn’t be there cuz I was in school. I was sooo excited I talked to God like every minute.
Almost every body didn’t want her (except of course her parents) … they were skeptical but we all had our fears. I trusted God… I believe we all trusted God…to keep her strong and alive and well.
My darling little niece, she has grown up to be a girl I admire…I fear that if I close my eyes for a minute, she will turn into a lady and I will miss out on her childhood.
Just yesterday, she was glued to her daddy’s trousers, wetting her daipers and throwing tantrums…today, she’s reading her literature books like that’s all she cares about. If she had her way, she’d ride her bike halfway round the world, as long the horn worked and she had her little sis in the passenger seat.
My darling little niece, yes, I can spell your name! It’s T-o-l-u …and yes! I can spell the rest too, it’s w-a-l-a-s-h-e…see, it’s easy, it’s T-o-l-u-w-a-l-a-s-h-e…and it’s not just you, mummy and daddy that can spell it, aunt woomie can too…LOL.

I don’t know where she comes up with these questions but she wants to know everything
…and she crawls into her shell like a snail if you think she’s asked a stupid question…my darling niece…

Woomie: sit down madam

T-tolu: what is ABN nooowww???
(Wondering what she’s talking about, she points to the Bar Association sticker on the windscreen)

Woomie: it’s not ABN madam, it’s NBA, it stands for Nigerian Bar Association.

T-tolu: I know, mummy told me it is for lawyers, but what is ABN noooow???

Woomie: it is NOT ABN o, it is NBA ah!

T-tolu: ooh! Go joo, you don’t know anything.

…I decided to let that one go.

Later at home that day, miss smarty pants starts again:

T-tolu: what is BBC???

(Here we go again)
Woomie: it is British Broadcasting Corporation; it is a News TV station.
(i change the station to avoid any world news related queston)

T-tolu: ok, what of D-A-A-R???

Woomie: (mo gbe o!) it is another TV station.

T-tolu: ah! Is it only TV station you know???

Woomie: Is it only TV station that you want to know??? Leave me jare.

(She picks up the Ebony magazine I abandoned on the table)
T-tolu: what is l-o-v-i-n????

Woomie: it is loving. Loving o!
(Trying to concentrate on my company law term paper)

T-tolu: then what is l-o-v-i-n-G?

Woomie: loving, please leave me alone.

T-tolu: ah

(She sighs and goes into the room)


Wasn’t that tolu????

Toluwalashe my bestest little baby, may the good God make your future blindingly bright, may you find favor in the sight of men and in the sight of God. May you grow up to be just the child your mother’d have you be…a good role model for your baby sis.
Make us proud girl, we all love you…I love you…to shreds.

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